Get To Know Adam

Adam is 17 and has known since the age of 7 that he wanted to be part of the entertainment industry. His parents knew this earlier when at 13 months, he made an announcement in baby talk then marched his first steps across the room. Anywhere Adam is at can be transformed into a stage with the purpose of entertaining others.

Adam was born in San Diego and grew up in Henderson, Nevada until the age of 12. He was training to join the swim team when he took a musical theater class at the rec center taught by Broadway Veteran Susan Swanson. After that class, he decided to spend the summer in Musical Theater Boot Camp instead of joining the swim team. Adam took classes in all areas of entertainment with Susan, Topher, and Carol at their studio, Broadway West and participated in every community theater production until the age of 12 becoming a triple threat. At 12, Susan introduced him to his manager, Debra Manners and his career took off.

Besides being on the stage and in front of the camera, Adam enrolled in college classes at 15 and declared his majors of Cinema Arts and Media Arts. He currently is set to complete three associates in Directing, Cinematography, and Screenwriting later this year. Adam also takes performs with the Patsy Metzger Dance Company, and continues to move forward on work in front of the camera.

With all of this Adam is very grounded, he helps his parents with his vaccine injured brother, cleans the pool and helps in the garden that his mother recently created.